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Organic Collagen Mask

Organic Collagen Mask

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Experience real collagen care as it penetrates deep into your skin!

Revive dry and fragile skin by replenishing lost collagen due to aging with our Intensive Collagen Care Solution. Enriched with 400 DA low molecular weight collagen, our formula revitalizes dull, wrinkled skin and provides long-lasting hydration and elasticity.

DEEP HYDRATION: Our Collagen Real Deep Mask contains Oligo Hyaluronic Acid, which provides superior hydration compared to traditional Hyaluronic Acid. It quickly hydrates the skin's surface and penetrates deeply to promote a healthy, nourished complexion.

PORE TIGHTENING & FIRMING: Using ultra-low molecular weight collagen, our mask maximizes skin absorption, refines pores, instantly improves elasticity, and visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles upon application.

STRENGTHENING THE SKIN BARRIER: Enriched with three types of probiotics, our hydrogel mask strengthens the skin barrier and fights the effects of aging.

HYPOALLERGENIC: Our deeply hydrating facial mask offers a non-toxic, non-irritating formula, free from allergens and harsh ingredients. Prioritizing a blend of active components for long-lasting results.

With 830,000 ppm Norwegian collagen, our mask offers easy at-home collagen care, supported by WellDerma's expertise.

Patented for its porous structure, our mask uses hydrogel-forming microneedle arrays to improve absorption, moisture retention and elasticity.

Containing the highest content of whitening ingredients among mask packs, including niacinamide, as per the public notifications of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.


  1. Cleanse your face and prepare it with toner or serum.
  2. Open the package, remove the bottom mask film and align it with your mouth.
  3. Remove the top mask film, align it with your eyes and secure it.
  4. Leave it for 3-4 hours or until it becomes transparent, then remove it gently.

Pro Tip: For best results, use as an overnight treatment or leave on for 3-4 hours. Suitable for daily use. Weekly use is recommended for best results.

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